Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No Sex In Wonderland

The black night Stayne, Knave of Hearts makes a pass at Alice and she turned him down. One of the Red Queens little cohorts tells the Queen and then the trouble for Alice begins in the court of Iracebeth, the Red Queen... I ask you tho if Alice had just slept with the Black Knight, think they could have ended the fight without every having to have a champion to fight the Jabbawocky?
 I am sure Alice with her new skills would have done so with ease. She could have poisoned him or stabbed him in the back while he was otherwise busy. Then she would not have had to face the dragon, then again .... Knowing how Alice is since she woke up, she may have just went a head, taken out Stayne, then marched bravely on to the battle field to slay the Jabbawocky. *shrugs* That is what I would have done.
 I find myself wondering why sex has to complicate things when it can be a useful tool. It can calm an angry heart, it can sooth a battered soul, it can energize a slowing dying relationship, it works off stress, sex can really be useful. We just make it complicated. 
 NO, now do not start, I am not saying sex should be a casual thing. It should be done with love, compassion, passion, and all those good things. What I am saying is that sometimes, let's face it everyone, angry sex rocks long as you are not hurting the one you love.
 If Stayne has been taken out before hand then Iracebeth would have had no one to turn to, I am betting the battle would have been much easier won. Instead she turned him down, had to go hide with the Bandersnatch to get the Vorpul Sword back, then she had to march on to the battle field, think of all the impossible things, (they will be in a different blog post stay tuned) run around, with the help of the Mad Hatter for distraction, Alice then managed to chop the head off the dragon. GO ALICE! See even then before she woke up she had the skills in her! I was just saying that if she had known, had realized in the beginning, what she was capable of the fight would not have been much of a fight at all.....


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